Dear Great Pumpkin,

I decided to take a detour from my plans and stop at a local pumpkin patch while on that side of town. From the road it looked like a cute and simple pumpkin patch on a farm. I walked up to the entrance through the gravel paved parking lot. First, I saw a sign that said no pets, which is an odd occurrence in the Denver area. Though, totally understandable. My eyes shifted to the sign up ahead that had entrance pricing.

13 dollars???

13 dollars?

I will not wait for The Great Pumpkin in this patch!

Normal entrance prices to a pumpkin are around 7 dollars with an option to pay for extras. ( Hayride etc..) It says on their website that this is their last year.

I think I may be spoiled because I frequented this pumpkin patch in Illinois, 200 acres!

more pics here

I will keep rolling along. in hopes to visit an awesome pumpkin patch!


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