Pumpkin Patch #WIN

Today, I discovered a great Pumpkin Patch! Well, technically it is a farmers market. It has all the fall “feels” that I longed for.

The entrance was very welcoming. There were not signs up about entrance pricing because it is FREE!

To your immediate right there is an aroma of Kettle Korn popping! Also, there is a small store with every pumpkin accessory and decoration you desire.

Then you can look out at the sea of pumpkins! There are so many shapes and sizes.

Little ones

They also sell roasted chilies.

You must try a sample!

They have a huge amount of stalks with dried peppers to buy!

So many colors to choose from.

Plus, games, train rides, and mazes for the kiddos

Click here to visit Nick’s Garden Center and Farmer’s Market!


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