Move over KFC, there is a New Bucket in Town

Take all the yummy goodness and layer it!

Even the most bare-bones Thanksgiving feast requires more serving dishes than the average city-dwelling twentysomething is likely to own.

Layer, Layer, Layer’

The solution to this problem, then, is obvious: THANKSGIVING IN A BUCKET.

Use a 3 gallon clear ice bucket

Thanksgiving In A Bucket Will Be Your New Favorite Tradition

Use a simple stuffing recipe as your first layer

Use a very fluffy mashed potato recipe for the second layer

I skipped the brussel sprout layer, I am not a fan. I would use a variation of a broccoli recipe instead.

Then add a sweet potato layer

The turkey and gravy layer

The last layer is cranberry sauce. I will probably use a fresh recipe rather than canned.

TADA! Thanksgiving in a bucket

Not only is Thanksgiving in a Bucket the cutest possible way to serve your Thanksgiving feast...

Your friends will adore your creation

You will be so happy with your creation

I find Thanksgiving in a bucket similar to Rachel’s famous trifle.

Just remember if ya mess up, Joey will always like it!

Get full recipe here


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