Hangover Cures!

Happy New Year!

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So, it’s 2 P.M. on New Year’s Day, time to relieve that pounding in your head!Displaying IMG_2188.JPG

  1. WATER just keep a jug next to your bed! Drink and Drink and Drink some more!
  2. GREASY FOOD It actually does taste better when you consume it drunk or hungover! Though, they only way it would help is eating before drinking. The food slows down the absorption, and you will have less hangover symptoms
  3. COFFEE will help your hangover headache, but it is not long lasting
  4. PAIN RELIEVERS it will help with pain, and in turn you will rest better
  5. REST don’t force yourself to put on a brave face! It is now the time to binge watch Netflix.

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