Ew! Learn to Like Veggies

What vegetable could you do without?


These are the vegetables I dislike the most! The smell is equivalent of a fraternity bathroom.

It might make them better if you add garlic and olive oil! MIGHT!


I personally like broccoli! Though, there are some who detest it!
President Bush is not a fan!

 This veggie is also good cooked with olive oil and sea salt. Steamed, baked, and even grilled are just a few ways to improve the flavor. You can also dip broccoli in an array of dips!


I am not a fan of turnips as well! So bitter!

You can bake, mash, and cut them into French fries. I will try it! I am not making any promises!


Personally, I like spinach!  I favor fresh over cooked!

You can make numerous salads with spinach! Also, you can hide it in other foods like omelette’s.


I will be honest, I only like eggplant fried and covered in marinara!

It can even be grilled like a burger! I will try it, maybe!


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