No Bake Halloween Breakfast!

No Baking Needed!

Dracula Doughnuts Halloween Recipes:

Box of pre made glaze donuts

Vampire Teeth

Icing to decorate

Halloween Breakfast Buffet

No Spooktacular Buffet is complete without:
“Ghost’s Blood” (Milk)

“Frog’s Eyes” (Trix)

“Eye of Newt” (Cheerios)
“Bat Droppings” (Cocoa Puffs–this was my kids’ favorite)

“Tombstones” (Chex with a dollar store foam tombstone taped to the front)

“Bone Pieces” (Lucky Charms)
“Mystical Moonbeams” (Marshmallows)
“Spooky Goblets” to mix your potion in! (from dollar store)

 Got your costume???

First Look At The


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