How to Make Sexy Treats for your Man!

 First, you need food, and I mean any kind of food!

noodles conan obrien

Then pick out a low cut top to cook in!

with kitchen full throttle saloon giada













Or just go for it!

sexy bikini girl food & drink cooking

Make sure he is watching you prepare his treat! Do a little dance just to make sure!

boobs bikini kate upton jiggly

Make sure the lines of communication are open! Let him know why you love to cook and bake for him.

Give to your partner what you want to receive back.

Make sure you have all the proper utensils to make the treats!

with kitchen full throttle saloon giada

Also make sure you taste the treats as you go along. Does it need another a little something else?

food cake dessert licking giada de laurentiis

If he ask what ingredients you are using, SHOW HIM!

whipped cream giada de laurentiis

Finally, make sure you taste his treats!

brigitte bardot pretty style eating actor




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