I Want Kandee 

  Kandee and TooFaced Collab


​#Repost @kandeejohnson・・・

🍭WHO’S READY FOR A SNEAK PEEK!?!? With cartwheels of excitement may I introduce one of the goodies that will be in the #IWantKandee & @toofaced collab collection! This is th I WANT KANDEE eyeshadow palette!!!! There’s more in the collection that I can’t wait to show you!!!! Show me with emojis how excited you are!!!!! 🍬🍭💥😆😍😻 it will be out Sept 3rd in Ulta and on Ulta.com and on toofaced.com… I can’t wait to show you the rest!!!!!! I have had the honor of working with one of my dear friends @jerrodblandino who sparkles with joy and happiness and kindness and if you spend 1 minute with him you feel all the love & glitter his heart is filled with! We worked so hard to make this collection something so fun! How excited are you for Sept 3rd!!!!! #sneekpeek #TooFaced #eyeshadow #palette #more #makeup #to #come ❤💕😘💋💄


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